Juan Luis Morales Jimenez

Hello! I am a Spanish games programmer and indie developer currently studying at the University of Abertay. I enjoy developing and implementing interesting gameplay mechanics and systems with an emphasis in multiplayer. I also like pixel animation.


Check my most recent projects at my itch.io page and my past works at artstation.


Pixel Art Animator, Graphics Programmer (Unity)

Spellcasters, Inner Circle Games - https://spellcasters.co.uk/

Rythm/fighting game developed for Abertay's Dare Academy competition and moved forward as professional project. I did character and spell animations as well as shader and other graphics related effects.

June 2019 - Present


University of Abertay

Bachelor of Science - Computer Games Application Development
C++ Programming
Data Structures and Algorithms
Mathematics for Application Development
Computer Hardware and Operating Systems
Graphics programming (OpenGL and Directx11)

GPA: Average of 71% in 1st and 2nd years

September 2017 - Present

Escuela Superior Internacional de Murcia

Higher National Diploma in Creative Media Production (Computer Animation)
Practical Skill for Computer Games
Level design for Computer Games
Scripting for Computer Game Design

GPA: Distinction (A+)

September 2014 - June 2017


Programming Languages & Tools
Other Skills
  • Knowledge of the programmable graphics pipeline with OpenGL and Directx11
  • TCP/IP and UDP protocol network programming with WinSockets (C++) and .NET Sockets (C#)
  • Detailed technical documentation for gampelay mechanics and systems. UML diagram design
  • Mobile programming and deployment with Unity
  • High capacity to rapidly adapt and learn new technologies and pipelines
  • Versed in all game development aspects. Capable of swapping hats from programming to design and viceversa


Obviously enough, I spent most of my free time playing multiplayer games. I keep up to date with the industry reading programming articles and games postmortems. For other forms of entertainment, I particularly enjoy 2D and 3D animation (western and eastern).

I have played classical guitar for 10 years and I dabble with DAWs such as FL Studio. I am a Game Master for Dungeons and Dragons 5E and I try my best not to kill any of my players, even when they deserve it. I love snowboard and skateboard, even if I am not 15 anymore. If I were not working in games I would probably work in the health industry.

Awards & Certifications